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One Iowa Formation November 2006 Purpose/focus LGBT rights Headquarters Des Moines, Iowa (USA)[1] Region served Iowa (USA) Executive director Carolyn Jenison[2] Website One Iowa is the largest LGBT rights activist group in Iowa. It was instrumental in the state's Supreme Court ruling to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage. Contents 1 Background 2 Efforts 3 See also 4 References 5 External links Background The organization was founded in November 2006 following the 2005 suit filed by Lambda Legal that led to the Varnum v. Brien suit.[3] At first, the emphasis of the group was marriage equality, but soon after formation, a board of directors was established and efforts were increased to include civil rights, civil marriage, LGBT families and aging.[4] As of 2009, One Iowa is the largest LGBT rights activist group in the state.[5] Efforts The organization has used the Internet and other grassroots methods to spread its message. It established a Facebook page, and has a website. During Varnum, the group contacted residents and urged them to contact their local officials. They also held forums in towns throughout Iowa that included LGBT community members, individuals from the religious establishment and legal scholars, where they emphasized the need for marriage equality.[3] Following Varnum, the group was lauded for its grassroots efforts by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.[6] However, the group's efforts also faced criticism. Congressman Steve King (R-IA) remarked that the state would become "a gay-marriage mecca" following the court's decision. But One Iowa's spokesman, Justin Uebelhor, maintained that his group's efforts concerned "Iowa couples" and that it was not his intention to turn the state into a "sideshow."[7] The organization has since worked to educate court recorders on how to "make sure gays and lesbian couples feel welcomed" when applying for a marriage license, and have allowed for the participants to choose from either "bride," "groom" or "spouse" on the document.[8] See also LGBT rights in the United States References ^ "Contact Us". One Iowa.  ^ "Staff Contact Information". One Iowa.  ^ a b Mardesich, Jodi (2009-04-15). "Gay marriage in the Heartland". Salon.  ^ Vopalka, Sandy. "Equality Iowa to Join Forces with One Iowa". Equality Iowa.  ^ Jacobs, Jennifer (2009-06-14). "Gay marriage law's impact on Iowans subtle, yet powerful". Des Moines Register.  ^ Ferraro, Richard (2009-04-03). "GLAAD Applauds Iowa Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage". GLAAD.  ^ Hamilton, Keegan (2009-04-21). "Iowa or Bust: Fourteen gay couples from St. Louis will soon head to the Hawkeye State to get hitched. Well, sort of.". St. Louis News.  ^ Johnson, Chris (2009-04-24). "Iowa’s same-sex couples prepare to get married". Washington Blade.  External links [1] — official website v · d · eLesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) topics  Academic fields • Discourse LGBT topics in education · Gender studies · Lavender linguistics · Lesbian feminism · LGBT literature · LGBT/Queer studies · Queer theory · Transfeminism  Community • Culture Anthems · Bars · Bisexual community · Coming out · Community center · Drag king · Drag queen · Gay friendly · Icons · Lesbian utopia · Literature · Music · Neighborhoods · Organizations · Periodicals · Pride · Pride parade · Religious groups · Rodeos · Same-sex relationships · Slang · Slogans · Symbols · Tourism Category:LGBT culture  Gender identities • Sexual identities Gender identities Male · Female · Androgyne · Bigender · Boi · Cisgender · Genderqueer · Girlfags and guydykes · Intersex · Pangender · Transgender · Womyn Third sex / Third gender Akava'ine · Eunuch · Fa'afafine · Fakaleiti · Femminiello · Hijra · Kathoey · Khanith · Mahu · Mukhannathun · Muxe · Bissu · Two-Spirit · Hermaphrodite Sexual identities Asexual · Bisexual · Ex-gay · Ex-ex-gay · Heterosexual · Homosexual · Pansexual · Polyamorous · Pomosexual · Banjee · Gay · Lesbian · Queer · Same gender loving · Non-heterosexual · Object sexuality · Questioning Related Gender roles · Human female sexuality · Human male sexuality · Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures  History LGBT history History of lesbianism · LGBT History Timeline · Social movements · History of Christianity and homosexuality · History of same-sex unions · Pederasty · Category:LGBT history Pre-modern era Adelphopoiesis · Homosexuality in ancient Greece · Homosexuality in ancient Rome · Homosexuality in ancient Egypt · Homosexuality in ancient Peru 16th to 19th century Mollies · Urnings 20th century Gay Liberation · Homosexuals in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust · Inversion · Sea queens · Stonewall riots · Festival of Light action · White Night riots · Queer theory 21st century Same-sex marriage · Post-Queer Theory  Rights • Legal issues LGBT rights by country or territory Africa  · Americas  · Asia  · Europe  · Oceania  · List of LGBT rights articles by region LGBT rights topics Adoption · Civil unions and partnerships · Hate crime laws · Legal aspects of transsexualism · Military service · Parenting · Same-sex marriage (Status · Timeline) · Socialism · Sodomy laws · United Nations/Yogyakarta Principles LGBT rights movements Gay Liberation · LGBT rights groups · LGBT rights activists  Sexual orientations Biology · Birth order · Demographics · Environment · Heterosexual–homosexual continuum · Homosexuality and psychology · Kinsey scale · Klein Grid · Mental roots · Neuroscience · Prenatal hormones · Sexual orientation change efforts · Sexual orientation identity · Timeline of sexual orientation and medicine  Social attitudes • Prejudice • Violence Social attitudes Anti-LGBT slogans · Heteronormativity · Gay panic · LGBT rights opposition · LGBT stereotypes · Religion and homosexuality · Transgenderism and religion · Prejudice & Discrimination AIDS stigma · Biphobia · Heterosexism · Homophobia · Internalized homophobia · Lesbophobia · Riddle scale · Transphobia Violence against LGBT people Corrective rape · Gay bashing · History of violence in the UK · History of violence in the US  · Significant acts of violence against LGBT people · Trans-bashing · Unlawfully killed transgender people Category:LGBT · LGBT portal